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Unfortunately, sometimes we have Maremma Sheepdogs which need rescue. It has been our experience that 90% of rescue dogs are dogs that have been sold into pet situations. The bright-eyed little bundles of white fur soon turn into very large dogs, and generally are not suitable for city or suburban living. 

Living out doors, they will speak to their genetic memory for guardianship, and they will bark at night at nocturnal predators. Their new neighbors are not going to understand this, or their need to bark at anyone who goes by on the street!

Indoors, they will heavily shed their undercoat of fur, which clings to carpet and furniture. Furthermore, they're so big that one wag of the tail will clear off a coffee table in a single sweep. While it may be one way to dust your house, a new owner may be left with the problem of what to do with the broken figurines or lamps that result.

These large dogs need lots of room. As breeders we know from personal experience that in the winter, when dogs are in dry-lot and don't have their usual acreage to roam and protect, they get bored. A bored dog will look for work, but often come up with trouble instead.

They can be too protective. In talking to people who think they want a Maremma as a pet, hypothesize this situation: Your child has the neighbor child over, and they start wrestling on the lawn. The neighbor kid starts to get the better of your kid - who actually 'belongs' to your dog. What do you think is going to happen?


Most Maremma breeders are responsible people who do their best to find good working homes for their dogs.  However, even the most responsible breeder may find one of their dogs in need of rescue help at some point. Responsible breeders, when notified of this need, will do everything in their power to help find a new home, including taking the dog back themselves. Unfortunately there are those who inappropriately sell these dogs as companions for various reasons, and this is where the problem begins.  Be certain you are purchasing your Maremma from a reputable breeder and from registered working lines.  Never hesitate to ask for references or even visit the farm if possible.  We need to work together as a team to help this wonderful breed of dogs.



Some of these rescue dogs can be re-homed to LGD situations, even though they may not have been bonded to livestock as pups. Many of them could go into non-working situations if they are well-matched adoptions. One person cannot do it all, but together we can form a network of help for these wonderful dogs. These dogs are being taken to shelters or Humane societies for adoption. People who do this must realize they are putting their dogs into the most serious situation, and very likely death. The typical Maremma response to a shelter situation is to become food or cage aggressive. Humane society personnel, not being familiar with the nature of a LGD, may not know how to handle them or be willing to adopt them out. If you need to find a new home for your dog, don't take it where it is most likely to be killed! *PLEASE * if you need to find a new home for your dog, contact us BEFORE the dog goes to the pound.

Please bear in mind that rescue dogs often are not "trained" livestock guardian dogs and will require a great deal of supervision and correction before they can be fully trusted with livestock.   Depending on the situation the dog was raised in, they may never be suitable for livestock protection, but will adapt more readily to a companion type lifestyle.  If you are seeking a trained livestock guardian, we suggest you contact Deb Powers with the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America  She can provide you with a current list of breeders who may have pups or started dogs available.

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